​The unknown awaits

When we take ownership of ourselves we become self-sufficient and self-contained. Our observational skills become honed and we watch the interconnectedness of life in action as we flow along the tides of life. This motion brings us gifts and lessons and the movement itself becomes hypnotic at times. When we grasp and try to control we lose our place within the wave and our contribution becomes contaminated and we start to muddy the waters. Once we surrender time and time again we come back to that supportive warmth and connectedness that is the essence of our experience here, our bodies begin to reward us with moments of bliss and freedom as we accept the world as it is and our place in it.

The flow brings to us all that we need, every encounter is giving or taking away what is needed for us to continue on our journey…cycles of growth and repair move through the moment some large and some small but all relevant. Life is in constant creation all around us. This guiding force is asking us questions, questions that are woven deep into the fabric of creation. This force is asking us to play with it…it is asking us to test out our influence and create a game with it. It’s asking us to create a narrative we want to explore and it will steer the available components into our stratosphere to connect us with all the tools we need to play the game. When our conditioning falls away we begin to see how effective we have been at doing this up to now, although this time we are creating our narratives from a place of conscious awareness. The laws of the universe stay the same whether we are conscious of them or not. Piece by piece we grow shift and change, the possibilities available for us when we are in a state of acceptance of who we are and where we are, are limitless. We can only grow from where we now stand, and when we stand in this point of power and trust our companion in this game of life our true needs will be met and our soul growth will continue to thrive.

The way has been cleared for many of us by now to reveal all that we have not yet become, to be raw and unfinished and ready to reach out from deep within our core and find those loose ends dangling in the wind waiting to be formed and energized and turned into something that is pure and clarified and built through partnership and interdependence. Gather yourself up and see what you’ve got to give, take stock of all that is of value to you and answer the questions and whispers that wash through you in moments of stillness…say yes to yourself and wait for the cosmos to reply.

Use this tool as much or as little as you require but always know it is there ready to be of assistance, drop in, connect and listen and the rest will come…we can only move from where we are now, knowing your self is the foundation and from there we can start to build the best version of who we are to become. There will always be obstacles to overcome and when we accept these with grace and humility and put in the effort required we are doing our bit in carving out our manifestations in the material world. The unknown awaits us all but whatever is in store for us is what we are here to experience. Accept your role and play it with dignity and grace and you will receive your just rewards and equilibrium will prevail.




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