Rise of the navigator

Willing or unwillingly when we meet and mingle with others we are exchanging parts of ourselves, in unconscious ways we are pollinating one another, charging our life force or draining it, the relationships we form are dependant on what it is we harbour inside ourselves, are we predator and prey or do we form partnerships? As is reflected back to us in the natural world are we surviving or coexisting? Are we building harmonious environments where we work in partnership to meet each others needs? Are we creating worlds inside our homes that reflect the world we want to see lived outside us? Are we forming partnerships with our children? Are we building connections with them where their presence in our lives pollinate change in us…where we begin to relate and resonate with them in ways that mirror back to them their value and contribution to building fair and just boundaries between two human beings. Where they fulfil your needs as much as you fulfil theirs, sharing the concern as an environmental stimulant towards one another and adjusting yourselves accordingly…in turn creating a sustainable relationship model for them to grow from as their lives progress and evolve.

Every subtle shift in our being, every tight spot waiting to be unwound is guiding us, the pace we work through this process of creation in this university of life, is in our hands, change is around every corner and at a greater speed than we have ever thought possible…there is a new reality waiting for us at every turn of the wheel, the mirror of life is all around us and our navigation systems have been switched into fully functional and the next leap forward awaits us.

The people of the future are created today, the next generation of evolutionary navigators is beginning to rise up and take their rightful place as custodians of this earth and all of its in-habitants…are we there yet? No…not yet but they are coming and we are creating them and when their time comes to hold this wheel they will overcome all that we have failed to, because it is their destiny, as it is ours to create the seeds in them that will bring about the flowering of humanity. Throwing out the old patterns and letting the new awaken within us is under way. We know our role now, its clear what we need to do, we must arm our children with love and respect, build something inside of them, a temple. A sacred place inside them where their ear to the gods is self-contained, where nothing can distract or disturb their communion with this place of love and safety. The earth is a hostile environment, all around us are hazards and dangers we must learn to coexist with. Building a temple inside ourselves makes us stronger, keeps us in touch with our higher selves so we can receive a clearer transmission. Think about how we have built all this technology to reach far out planets in our solar system…wanting to make contact with others, when built into us is a direct line to another place/dimensions/beings. We have the ability to develop and evolve our communication beyond the veil of existence, where is this place and who are we that we have this within us? Have we forgotten? Is remembering what we are here to do? Can you remember yourself? Can you remember who you were before life happened to you? We need to teach our kids to remember themselves for who they are now…everyday give them opportunities to remember themselves…being present with yourself is remembering yourself…nostalgia when used on your being is a direct link to the witness consciousness, a steadied mind…focused, astute to any blind spots…instinctively observing all false flags as they arise, never buying in to the pitch and sale being flashed before them, having the ability to abstain from delving into another story. Natures got your back, the tides of the wild raging river that is the flow surges through you and she howls her steely shrill as she takes you within her embrace. There is a most terrifying place within your soul, its your personal power…the thing we fear the most is our own power to create the life aligned with the filling of our hearts desires. The nameless forms that exist within us, those soft-spoken inkling’s that prevail every storm we pass through. If we are to be powerful and loving, strong and calm with ourselves would these seeds not begin to sprout?



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