Earth Bound

The pace of change and shifting sands has begun to ease, space looms ahead of me…empty, my breath tempering it, just waiting for a choice to start the next stream of creation. It feels as if I am just hanging in the space in-between who I was and who I am becoming, but no longer identified with either in providing a reason for being…I just am. There is a surreal sense about the environment I find myself in, objects and items that surround me, shops, streets and roadways all seem out-of-place, the story of their existence has no relevance to me, I am not invested in their existence…yet the natural world whispers to me and calls into my heart and I answer. The trees are lush and crisp, their sound rustles and swoosh through my ears, I can sense growth all around me…the numbness and conditioning have loosened their grip on my soul…there is freedom in this…a real taste of freedom, it interests me…I invoke this space, this state of being to me is primal, my instincts are switched on and firing. As I move life moves with me, life is etched into my being and my movements seem to carry its vibrancy and we work as one…related, connected and in union…a partnership has formed. This deep knowing draws me further into it, there is more to experience and develop together…this is merely the beginning.

Waves of love streak across my chest and my eyes well up as I soak in this notion, I feel into it, and know that love has always been there, it never went away…its been waiting for me all this time to return and embrace its presence…embrace my presence…embrace myself…the walls of illusion are crashing to the ground, love is conquering all obstacles like a ground swell rising and filling the space that remains in their absence.

Everything feels open, pathways I never considered and options I could never have perceived before seem relevant and what more, possible…as I observe and explore these newfound doorways my inner being stays still…no rushing or pushing forward exists…all options are open but the choice is mine…it is up to me to put the first step forward and trust in the process, using my internal compass to guide me along this open road as it has done up until now, deepening my connection to the moment and all that living and thriving this space has to offer.

As I face new challenges and old my internal state remains open, some shifting from side to side and misalignment prevail although now they can be observed and I feel no need to tamper with them or try to fix them, I gently fold back into centre as each moment passes…still striving but not to an end…striving to be at one with the tides as they wash inwards and outwards giving and taking what is needed and allowing this process to be, allowing it to do its work and bringing my focus to what it is inside of me that is calling to me…I can sense it…its subtle and deepening my connecting is the only way to decipher the message. All is unfolding now the motions that flow through my being are hypnotic and for now being in this moment and finding my rhythm is what is required of me…further honing my skills at being in this place and trusting in the knowing…that all will be revealed, but now it is time to wait, reflect and be grateful for everything that has come to pass.

Being in shadow and light and accepting the wholeness in our form and the presence of this dynamic in others brings forward truth…a truth that is filled with love and not fear of what lies within the human soul…each cycle we pass through gives us another opportunity to awaken further and move beyond form and inwards towards the source, binding ourselves to the cycles and rhythms of nature and connecting with this essence that lies within us is the gateway. This mystery has captured my attention and my imagination, the mundane now feels somewhat magical and everything I touch, feel and think has a creative quality to it…feeling strong in my inner self and using the instrument of my existence, my wonderful beautiful existence, to capture the flow of the moment and create an expression of who I am on the inside. I want to show myself to the world…and I want to connect and experience what others have to offer from this place within them and witness the individuality of the creative expression that each authentic being has to offer. There is so much we all have to offer, we all carry the seeds of wisdom within us and we are in a time where sharing these seeds has never been easier, whatever shape or form they manifest in all creations from source will guide us and bring us together…but we must first take the risk to show ourselves to the world…and unleash our true potential and get our message out there into the field and create a world we are proud to be part of together…a subtle shift inside our collective is all that is needed to spark a landslide of transformation in our outer worlds…so lets get creating!

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