These simple truths that are revealed to us as we walk this path are the foundation of who we are, they are the seeds we have been given to nurture. Nurturing is choosing…choosing to develop empathy, choosing to develop compassion and creating an understanding of what these states of being feel like. Finding new ways everyday to practice these states of being, not judging or weighing or sizing up and deciding for ourselves what empathy and compassion should look like, but by actually feeling into the fundamental existence of these emotional states deep within our being. They exist within us, we don’t need to let the mind sell us an image of empathy that we have been conditioned to believe is real…we need to really get in deep and seek out these emotional states and tune into their existence and bring them forward into the light. We need to be the sunlight, the air, the soil and the water to bring these new shoots up and out into the world…witness them as the Earth witnesses us…weave them into the fabric of our daily life and let them seep outwards, uncorrupted by our human mind.

When you find those pools of wisdom, soak them up from the source of your being…absorb each droplet that lies within you…it is your gift to receive. Underneath all the clutter and noise there is gold waiting for each one of us. Unpack yourself, unwind all the distortions…crack your self open and let those new shoots emerge…when they do…be gentle with yourself, how would you handle a newly sprouted seedling as it pops its head above ground for the first time? Think about how your energy shifts when you see new life, be it a seedling, a puppy or a new baby…you are connecting with your inner being effortlessly during these experiences, give yourself the same treatment, honour your essence…the miracle and wonder of life is within each one of us.

For the first time in my life I have consciously moved somewhere…we all have the potential to go places within ourselves…no one is fixed to one state of being, this in itself is a miracle…having this knowledge about ourselves is the most empowering thing we have to work with in the world today. Respond to your outer world through your inner world…travel inwards and turn the wheel…feeling by feeling it will guide you…and all will be revealed and it is within this process itself that the spiritual gold is hidden, for there is no reward at the end as such, as the journey itself is what creates the state of being you are in fact striving for. Be brave and walk onwards…keep turning the wheel…keep learning and keep growing…just keep growing, for it is the state of growth and striving where we are most at home in…it is our natural rhythm…it hums out all around us…year after year, moon cycle after moon cycle and day after day…it is everywhere you look in the natural world. It doesn’t matter how many cities we build and how much life we ultimately destroy it will continue on…we can never remove ourselves from our humanity and our connectedness to the Earth. Our ignorance to acknowledging this truth is what is causing so much distortion. Denial of our intrinsic dependancy on our planet and its inner nature…we are self harming, all of us collectively as we drive this desire to rule over our homeland…when did this begin? What ignorant notion did man have that has gotten so far out of hand that we have lost sight of who we even are…we have lost our way and stretched ourselves so far out of shape we don’t even recognise ourselves anymore.

It is time to turn towards the Earth and embrace the natural laws of the universe and align ourselves with the role of guardians of this place. Empower ourselves to work with our beautiful abundant paradise…harmonise ourselves into living with our environment, embrace the natural cycles and rhythms that surround us by honouring and respecting ourselves as one with the Earth, just as nature intended and end this cycle of self abuse. Choose to nurture what lies within and all will be revealed. A natural order will slowly begin to unveil itself and we will move on and we will travel deeper into our true nature than ever before.

Our inner space is the new frontier, in discovering the self we are unlocking the doors to a new season for mankind…perhaps this is a part of our greater life cycle, one we haven’t observed because we really haven’t been around that long in order fully understand ourselves or perhaps its been there all along but we just haven’t connected the dots yet. Choosing to bring forward the essence within and work with its eternal wisdom takes courage and once again we will falter and rise as we embody it, and let it draw us out from our hiding places and stand facing the light once more.

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