Life is beginning to operate beyond thinking. Living a feeling life, fully connected to each deep pulsing instinctual vibration deciphering its message and taking right action is up and running. There are still obstacles and lessons to observe in each moment and having the skills to pull my focus back down into my inner being is rooting me into the now, I am putting down roots in life and they are in the present moment where I am beginning to feel the love and warmth of being at home, its a self sufficient cycle of self love and acceptance. Events have begun to neutralise and steady themselves into their true form and a stream of trust is beginning to flow through  my heart centre…I am beginning to know my instrument and how to play it well and with passion.

We are all governed by the same universal laws…this common environmental factor is the glue that binds us together and shape us…all of life is stimulated from the same source…that one note that began ringing out at the beginning of time as we know it is still calling out today…the vibration is still travelling through space…we are the instrument that this sound is being played on…the conscious and formed are the holders of the note and all of the answers we are looking for are within…our very existence is the lineage back to when it began unfolding. We carry the vibrations of our ancestors within us…how many shifts in perceptions have we had make as we engage in this tuning process…deeper shifts bring us into a new age and our history is filled with peaks and troughs of how we adapt as the note plays out and we fine tune ourselves time and time again.

The shadow that is within is the part of us that has yet to grow into the light…the shadow that rises from all of us it the same as the light we shine into this world…as it channels and crosses through us as the conduit for creation we hold the power of choice…do we try and hold our vibration higher or do we choose to ignore it and create further distortion into our environment and in turn alter our direction and brings us further away from our higher selves…tuning in and making moment by moment choices that bring us towards a higher vibration will impact our environment in a more complimentary way to where our instincts are guiding us…we can only make a choice based on how open and connected we are and that takes time and requires learning and trial and error. Just as any new skill does but over time our bodies change, they respond differently to stimulation and this contributes something new and with this a new growth cycle can be established. When we are connected to the source we no longer need to know what is coming next for us…we continue to dream, create, problem solve and take right action allowing for the discomfort of growth to be there…strong, focused and alive with the flow as it charges through us to assist in co creating with us because that is what it does best…it creates with us…no for us…but with us.

Emerging and practising with the flow we witness each other and observe the oddness of how we come into form, creation is a process…the way we spin and oscillate and create from our shadows, we need to allow this natural creative expression to take place and allow each other to evolve moment by moment, never looking back or looking forward with attachment, just lost in the dance and emerging into our full vibrant form. There is no shame in who we are…unfinished and in flux without meaning…detached with no finite outcome, we are a tapestry of light and shade and we are magnificent in all that we embody just as we are…we are ever evolving. There is no meaning…it is another illusion, there is just the now…we are not containers for the past, we are vessels for the present…this moment and what you choose creates your reality…one step forward is all it takes, allow the flow to lift off the shackles and allow your authentic self to emerge out of the shadows as it was always intended to do.

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