Into The Echoes

Breath guides me as I lay still in the darkness…all that has come to pass is reduced to a residue, that is all that remains a residual sense of the experience I have had up to now…the air is cool with a knowing that a great fire once burned in this space…the longer I remain still in its wake it begins to form into a new kind of existence…

I breathe deep once more taking in all of the sensations of this place, there is an eerie sense of familiarity but it is one I am no longer attracted to…my curiosity peaks and I honour this resting place and the life it once contained. The landscape is charred and empty and there is hollowness to the void that surrounds me. As I move around examining the carnage of what has transpired it only brings me further into my centre and into my heart. The old structures that once existed are merely an echo…the power they once held over me has been diminished…striped of attachment to false sources of completion…there is nothing left to drawn from so I must look within once more…standing still and feeling into this void that surrounds me I go inside, deeper than before…its as if an anchor is being dropped deep into my soul, steadying me into an abundant supply of life force energy. Plugging me into something new, something greater than anything I have ever felt before…

I can feel my heart beating…the rhythm pulls me in, its presence so primal and so connected, my lungs fill and empty, my gut expands and digests what is coming in and my mind holds space and observes…this is the fundamental point of life force stimulation. This is the point at which the flow enters our life and where we begin…bringing it all back to this synchronised beat is the place where all love is formed…there can be no illusions here…no filter…no past or future to skew and distort our intentions, our organs are the instruments that create the rhythm of our lives…those simple process harmonise our vibrations…keeping our channel clear so life can play its song through us. My mind begins to focus on the vibration and frequency of this place…staying connected and open I begin to trust that I belong, I allow the note to resonate and travel upwards and as it does its as if a funnel is opening up inside me and sending rings of sounds outwards. Beyond the visual appearance of these rings I can see the void where I once stood blurring and fading away…the rings spread out wide all around me and I am now standing in the centre of this wave of sound…feeling into it’s vibration…there is no longer a space or void only a long channel where my rhythm remains, I feel no desire to take action or to interact with it I  just feel guided to belong here…to be with this experience and drink from it allowing it to enter my spirit and ring out its tune. The peace and stillness of this trance like state starts to seep into my veins I can feel it surging through my blood, my bone and into my cells all buzzing with this life force…it becomes stronger and stronger it captures every piece of me…I feel into more and more of my form…there is no more separation between my body and this sensation they have joined and the process starts to slow down and they begin to hum very softly…rising from my gut comes a thunderous vibration that expands out through my chest…and then it fades…I become aware of the space inside again, it has been transformed and the remnants of what came before have been shed and what lies within now is sense of connectedness and  readiness for what is coming. A new focus has been shaped from what transpired within and that focus is on receiving…trusting that what is on the inside will be reflected back to me in my outside world and this knowing can be my only reference to where my path takes me from here on out.

There is more coming, more living, more learning and more loving…what else can we all do but surrender to the feeling of life and all that it brings…never forcing, possessing or rushing it but staying connected to our inner worlds and having confidence that once we stay in union with this place and build a relationship of truth and truthfulness with ourselves that we will know what flowers to seek out and what fruits to eat from…for when we are connected to all that is within, there will be no question about what balance we live life in…being in truth will unfold the gifts and experiences that are destined to make the whole world sing with life as it plays its song through the hearts, lungs, guts and minds of each and every soul. Practice with reverence, hone and tune your connection…make it your first priority…before all else tune in and seek counsel from your heart because it is an instrument of truth and truth is the gateway to peace.


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