The passage

Deep within my core the embers of my pain burn, they course through my veins pulsing and burning me, reminding me of the road I have travelled through life this far…keeping the last remnants of the entity, that has held me in its grip for so long, alive. All ties to the past feeding it, keeping it on life support…as new life attempts to surge out from its ashes.

Its fuel is fear, fear of self, fear of freedom fear of wild untamed love, fear of creativity and fear of letting go and surrendering to the flow of life.  Quenching all channels out of the soul to fear based connections will ensure the death of this unnatural state of being…every source needs to be identified and eliminated, cutting off its supply is the only way to gently bring its reign of terror to an end. Purification of our souls contribution to the whole, this is the purpose of our existence…to dilute the toxic build up in our collective consciousness by tending to our own inner space.

As each channel is exposed and quelled it is as if a piece of my soul is being retrieved, a part of me that has being held in a vibrational distortion is reinstated into a state of stillness and calm…it is as if the pieces are returning and I am being reunited with my true authentic state of being. The ordinariness of this experience is amusing, the extent of searching and travelling through this maze of energetic entanglements has been extraordinary yet this resting place is filled with simplicity. The sheer gratitude and thanks I have for my ordinary life and the ordinary pleasures and tasks I carry out fills up my cup, the wind on my face, the ground beneath my feet and the touch of my family and connection and love we share completes me.

I sense there is an ending of some kind on the horizon…and within an ending comes a new beginning…my intention is to show my respect to this end and act it out with integrity and passion for what it has taught me. A feeling of readiness is manifesting, the tides are indeed flowing and they are filled with goodness and nourishment.

As the flames within my soul become embers I wait and I watch as the fire that once roared within my soul softens and comes to a rest…I feel a oneness with it, I have an understanding of its power to destroy and to create. Stillness calls me, I am falling under its spell…finding ways to increase its presence in my life…where this takes me…I don’t know…but I know I am no longer afraid of its power and I trust its wisdom and its grace. As preparations are made within my soul a passing is coming, I can feel its presence holding space inside me, opening up, incubating the ashes and making its adjustments for what comes next. In a state of surrender there is no action that can be taken…the path is set and the wheel will turn again…



  1. When I have fought them, they grew. When I was aware how they attached along an inner wound and that I was healing, they could no longer stay. Just what I found thinking I could fight them. Time for a new approach for me. It has worked. Love, not war is the path for me now. Nice posts. Great to see you doing the work in awareness.

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