A howling distortion moves through the moment…my core shudders and there is a sensation of being held secure around my head and ears as if to comfort a ringing, it holds me and guides me, my heart pounds louder. The noise in my chest is so great everything in the world around me fades into silence. I make my movement swift and certain and peace falls around me, I am safe and I am empowered. Instinct, it is the most powerful thing we have. We live lives today that seperate us from it…the knowing of instinct over fear is where our power lies. When we are in touch with this part of ourselves we are strong and connected to the earth, cosmos and the universe. Instinct is not fear it is pure conscious presence, divine guidance even. It is the truth that lies within each moment, no past, no future just the instinct as it presents itself and arises as we witness it.

We treat this holy part of ourselves as if it were a nuisance, we shove it away, dismiss it and even berate it. The most truthful and harmonious part of ourselves for the most part is treated like a pest. Breath deeply and connect with the knowing that is deep inside your gut, the deepest part of your heart and the inner most fabric of your inner world because they are all made from the same connective material. This is what we are made of, this is what we truly are, and the transmissions we receive are conducted across this framework, this blueprint is all that exists, there is no other part of who we are that is more real than this information highway.

Signals that come down this channel are messages and guidance for us on how to fulfil ourselves and our higher good, if unfiltered they retain their quality and information received is pure and clarifying. When filtered through the density and fear of the ego all kinds of miss information is sent out and drama ensues. Instinct on the other hand is unquestionable, there is no system or pattern in the world that can replace it’s undeniable ability to bring truth into any situation.

What is self love? It is loving, caring for and recognising this part of ourselves to be who we really are. Everything else is an illusion of the mind, a grand trick that has cast a spell over millions of us in the world today, we are all numbed, disconnected and unable to stand in our own power and be authentic. We are all scrambled, mis firing and out of sync with our true state of being. Only each individual can begin to re connect with their true nature, it is a solitary road at times with only the moment as your companion, but with love always surrounding us and guiding us more companions will begin to show up and gather and we will begin to feel at one.

Rooted in the shadows we come forward into the light, to make this journey we must cross the threshold from the un-manifested to the manifested, cross the bridge into this world through our hearts, guts and minds. Pure undistorted instinct is a product of this passing and this contribution gives clear passage to the messages and guidance we receive.

Feeling into your body and allowing its awe inspiring intelligence and brilliance in design to be your teacher allows you to focus on this information stream as your most valuable and reliable asset in life. Hold your loved ones close, feel into your love for them and live from this part of your heart, gut and mind…let this be your compass.

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