A swell of emotions surges through my body and the lights go on, a blinking and pause sensation emits from the top of my crown, then it rushes down to my feet and gently settles in my body. The words “Collective Contribution” surface from my heart, an empowering sense of responsibility stabilises itself and interlocks itself through the mesh of my physical and ethereal being…it’s all starting to make sense now…this journey and where it has taken me, inside myself and outside myself time and time again, weaving this web of understanding and insight, preparing me for this moment, to be fully able to grasp what it all means, what we are here to do..we are here to contribute…to dilute the current of fear that exists and contribute pure presence.

Letting go of your story, the one you hang onto, the one life up until now has given you, the one that has shaped you for this present moment…letting it go is the end to all drama in life…the dissolution of this identity that we all act from, the script we feel we need to follow and what we bring into everything we do, needs and ending…and with that ending comes a new beginning, the beginning of a new story. In this story you are awake and aware and you decide how you respond to the external stimulus. It’s a whole new format, new style and a new approach to living life in clarity with the moment.

What we contribute denotes the shape and form of the whole…if conscious presence can dissolve the pain and trauma in one soul and that soul awakens and contributes conscious presence into the collective, and more souls awaken and we begin to move out of the shadows then we truly are the co creators of our own realities. Giving our clear clean clarifying energy back into all that we enact and do raises up our vibration and in doing so we are effecting the collective and with this a great flowering of consciousness can follow.

Maintaining clear focused presence and having unconditional trust in this creative process and making time each day to invest in making this contribution is a selfless act, gratitude for the ability to give enhances the quality of the gift itself.

As the world turns one cycle after another I turn with it, I turn over a new leaf each day in the hopes that new life will come into my being and begin to shed what I have been cast in,  maybe there is no end to this process, perhaps its infinite? But feeling into its power to transform and nourish the soul is a worthy investment, we are all effected by these motions whether we are aware of them or not and maybe this road isn’t for everyone in the world today…perhaps its not meant to be, but over time and the more of us who travel deep inside and harness these subtle energies, the more it will lend itself to shaping our outer world and how it stimulates us. This is my hope for Humanity…that in many generations from now we will have consciously turned the wheel enough times in order to regain our harmonious existence with the ourselves and the planet and we will at last be home.

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