Cascading warmth and oneness shrouds my essence, it’s as if there is a new skin forming around my being, inoculating me, a thin veil of connectivity that has been activated through this journey I have embarked upon. It is delicate and strong, embodies plasticity and conducts new energy…a new layer has formed around me…it has grown out from the very depts of my soul, it has shed that aged protective layer that has been build around my very existence…I feed and nourish it and in return it endeavours to bring me likeness and reflects back the collective mind that is beginning to build a new reality for all of us.

Focused minds find focused minds…people are coming into my life and we are connecting like never before, truths are being spoken and more than that energy is being exchanged, love is being shared…pure love…clarifying and healing love. Holding space with these characters that pass through my world as we engage in open truthfulness and manifest our inner worlds deepest insights is creating something. There is an excitement building inside me, the connective field around my being is becoming charged as these chance meetings enhance the message that my soul has been communicating to me.

Feeling into the moment is taken hold now, its growth is melting the old structures that held me prisoner for so long within my own mind. Many patterns are still functioning, every time I fall I get back up and focus again, sometimes it takes days, even weeks but I always return to presence and this resilience is manifesting and creating space for presence to thrive…there is a trust forming in our relationship that no matter how many times I falter I will always return and this momentum is building and the lightness is becoming stronger and stronger…death and decay pull down but as they do new growth rises…this sensation can be confusing as transitioning from death to rebirth is a polarised experience…pulling from both sides, growing and developing…rising up and out like a phoenix from the flames of destruction is the alchemy that is needed to make the shift on our evolutionary journey as co creators of this world.

Feel the pull, let it pull down those fences in your mind, let the elevation flood out into your world…question everything…question it and feed into this collective flow…lets all join together and shift our minds…detach from identifying with all those so called truths we mindlessly follow…everything is up for renewal and in need of refurbishment and remodelling…no matter what you come into contact with in your life everything needs to be given a re think and enhanced, we are the co creators so lets create…lets create the world we want to live in one connection at a time…let our collective inner gardens blossom and flourish unbound and let healing begin.

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