What are core emotional needs for humanity? How has our living up to now altered the interpretation of these natural states of being…have we lost the quality of experiencing these emotional states as they truly are? How far away are we living from our centre where these emotions can be felt at full power?

Hold your attention on the word love, focus on it in your minds eye, concentrate on it, let it imprint into your soul…feel into it…let your conditioned interpretation of what love is flow past and stay focused on the word…say it aloud…notice how it feels coming out through your voice…notice the sensation and the release expressing it delivers to your body. Words emanate so much power…they create shifts and changes in our bodies and in the bodies of others. They are a tool we use to express ourselves…when we feel into the sound a word creates we are connecting with the true authentic expression of this word. We are not projecting it at a person out of expectation or duty…we are connecting with the true feeling of the emotion and what it feels like uncorrupted by our past or reliant on any future outcome. We are experiencing it in the now. Experiment with some different emotions…just simply saying the words and noticing where they come from and what parts of your body have a sensory reaction, this can be quite fun.

Expressing words stimulates us, thinking words stimulates us…how much self talk we engage in and how much judgement of situations and of other people stimulates us and we are responsible for what we send out. Consuming too much toxic food is going to impact your body the same way creating too many toxic thoughts will. Changing any habit that lowers your quality of life is a challenge, but its possible…we can in fact change so much of  what we indulge in in our inner worlds. Creating an offset, building up a pattern of self loving behaviour can have a knock on effect into so much of what we surround ourselves with. Choice by choice we can build a better world…your energy is your responsibility, all we have to do is keep our path clear and as if by osmosis this single act of ownership over our own living beings will send out a signal to the world that change is possible and the wheel will, in time begin to turn. No protests, blaming, or finger pointing…just one simple conscious act. Self contained and self sufficient in creating your own experience, feeling into the authenticity of what emotional awareness is and standing in those feelings as they arise and owning them, no matter how strong they are…we are built to feel, to love deeply and to fear the unknown and still strike forward…to experience all of it.

We are in fact at war with ourselves most of the time…resisting the full power of what it feels like to be alive. By doing this we have created a whole mental system to numb and comfort ourselves rather than feel, really feel, whether it’s pain or pleasure…it doesn’t matter we have to let it all in…if we don’t, it’s as if we are playing life out of tune. Creating less than harmonious environments to live in, which in turn we adapt to and then end up bringing us further away from living fully in the moment.We keep sending in the ego to act out our emotional responses, rather than fully feel alive, the by product of this acting role it takes on is drama…and for most of us that has become the norm. To reach our full potential we need to feel and feel deeply, exposing ourselves to true authentic emotion is the gateway to building resilience and moulding the ego to adapt to its new role in our lives, stripping it of its authority to respond on our behalf and taking back our power to speak for ourselves.

Bring love into your life today…create love, feel it, feel everything…let it in and let it out…give feeling into your being a chance to thrive in your inner world and unleash your true nature. Chemistry, biology, environment all effect us…some of this we can not change but all of it we can observe, and all of it we can feel. Cycles run through all of us, patterns can be imbedded into us…by feeling into the moment and all that is available to us we are minimising the impact, not always healing ourselves fully but diluting what has come to pass and moving the wheel in the right direction, setting the stage for what comes next and lining up our arrows to create a better world for all of our tomorrows. Isn’t that good enough? Isn’t that a huge step in the right direction…no specific outcome required…just feel everything and feel it deeply. Know love…to really know love and feel love is practised by so few of us…how do we ever expect to cultivate a civilisation built on love if we leave so little space for it to grow in our hearts…



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