Channelling truth is like training a great beast and soothing it with focus and attention. Frightened and in pain it snaps, bites and lashes out to self-preserve. Over time and through repeated attempts a great soothing begins to pull down the walls and connection is formed, not through domination but through showing up time and time again with kindness. As this kindness spreads and seeps through the veins of this beast its movements adapt, they mirror the presence of kindness…stillness and observation transforms its solitary journey into one of companionship. With companionship and regulation there is a communion of the mind and the soul and this communion is expressed through the body and most poignantly through words.

Sound comes from our soul, our words and tone have enormous power over our environment and how we interact with it from our inner world. It’s not enough to observe our inner self talk but also our outer words and how we say them. The sound we give our words reveals so much of who we are. Taking our inner growth out into the world is the next step, the soothing and healing has prepared the landscape of the internal world and this brings so much goodness and gratitude but finding your voice in the moment, really listening to your inner world and speaking from your heart centre…well its easier said than done.

The tightness to external stimuli still grips me, my inner world dissolves the strong feelings in my body as I practice presence but I have become aware of how my voice still changes and my words harbour conditioned patterns even tho I am holding presence and the flow is moving through me…it is growing and spreading to all aspects of my soul, this process is starting to have an innate natural flow to it and being in this state has brought me so much peace.

As I sit in stillness I become aware of a scale that rests through my heart and shoots up and out through neck and face…there are many notes, sounds and tempos to play with…before now my mind conditioned patterns played their tune on this scale, sitting observing this curious sensation and imagery I become aware that this is my authentic voice…I choose the pitch, sound and tempo that I emit into my environment…what message I send out to the world around me is up to me. The enslavement has left me somewhat out of practice and hesitation and insecurity creep in…I find my centre, feel in my heart and focus on what I want to express in this moment…silently I practice, notes chime out as I emit kindness, the scale glows and I can feel the sonic vibration rise up and out as I connect with these emotions. Next I try love…the sound and feelings rise up…I turn up the volume slightly…and yes it rises again. My throat is a buzz with feeling and emotional expression. I play for a long time with my authentic voice…it brings lightness, joy and freedom…a freedom I have never felt before. Having this latest gift revealed to me is like another piece of the puzzle…this sonic scale is now accessible and my tuning and harmonising process just got a whole lot more interesting. Feeling fully responsible for what I express is empowering.

Stepping back further and observing being in a natural state of present awareness while being at the helm of this magnificent design that is unveiling itself I become aware of my own vibration…and the message I am sending out into the universe. Before now it was unconscious to me…being run off pre determined inherited patterns…acting on a loop state, just rolling out those golden oldies time and time again…but now the possibilities are endless, tapping into our inner world is a bit like being on a quest…taming wild beasts, overcoming amnesia, awakening to your true potential and learning from mistakes made along the way and ultimately growing from each effort made. It’s an attractive fantasy story that we are all globally drawn to, but conditioned to believe that it is mer fantasy and that real life holds no magic or mystery, but perhaps creative expression and thrill at this play of events holds some truth…what if we are trying to send ourselves a message from deep within our creative collective consciousness…what if the purpose of the human condition is not to suffer endlessly but to venture inwards and set out fearlessly with the moment as our companion and delve into the unknown on a voyage of self discovery.


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