Rooted in the moment I find the first glimpse of stability…the world around me still crashes and slams against me and slices me deep in the remaining wounds and shadows that are yet to be unfolded but there is newness to it all, the battering of old patterns eases off…holding onto presence in the face of old fears is happening and the elixir of present state awareness is bringing peace…wholesome waves of narcotic love and balance ride through me now…the tide of life is flowing…this flow is still uncomfortable to me but my resistance to it has dissipated and awareness has dissolved so many layers inside my being…surrendering to its presence and being a vessel for it to move through my being has become my purpose…the revelation of this truth is still in its infancy, my mind still strives to direct the flow but it’s hold has weakened…I know I must continue to accept the now and focus on observing…fear rises…grabs me…demands my attention to give it an answer about where this is all going? My old identity is always happy to obey and my reality slips back, old feelings surface but I have a reference of what is possible now and with one swift movement I am back in the present moment…

Being with this flow is a new experience…there is a safeness about it, like a clean slate where testing and trialling out all the re-alignments that have been made is part of embodying the authentic self…until you venture out and begin to practice this new state of being it isn’t actually a new state of being…its just an idea…manifesting and playing with these adjustments feels like a fine tuning process, where mistakes are reflected on and resolved rather than being added into a painful pattern that builds up a strong case against whatever false belief has been held about the self…this is a refreshing and liberating new feature to practising a natural state of being…something that develops and appears almost by magic!

So much has shifted about inside and outside my  world…the destruction has left so much free space for this abundant growth…I listen to the silence…reflect on what has come to pass and observe how each cycle I have passed through from the beginning of this journey has peeled away a part of my identity and with this detachment came pain and great strength was earned through every observation made…every layer revealing great beauty and wisdom and soothing the irritation within. The image of a lotus flower is used in many eastern traditions to symbolise the awakening of consciousness…this image rings true to me now…as I look upon the walls that have fallen it is as if my soul is flowering and unfolding just as nature intended…a deep sense of wonder consumes me as I write this…it washes over me and I am grateful for all that has come to pass..for it has led me to this place…nature has been at play inside me…it is me…this whole journey is what is intended for us…

In this moment I choose death…death to the old and birth to the new…the unknown is what I choose now…that is my focus…being in a state of unknown…think about a time when you didn’t think about what was coming next or what had come previous…the blank pensive sturdiness of this state of being has so much power to it…not leaning on the past or resting in the future but rising to the challenge of what can be created in the now… this is the platform to a higher state of consciousness, your higher self wants you to live from here so the walls can come down and you can rise up and unleash your full potential. We are all-powerful, we can all create from this place…even in the darkest of days, when density cower’s down upon you…its there, it’s always there waiting for you to rest in its arms and take shelter…to recharge and bound out into the world again against all the odds. Dive into your soul and reach the deepest part of your inner world where the silence is waiting for you, hold your focus and let your shadow fuel the creation of all that you innately are…let it pulse through your heart and flood your words and actions with love and kindness in the face of all adversity you find in the world around you…be truthful with yourself and create love…find your heart centre and flip that switch, and change will gradually seep out into the hearts of the people you meet and the world you live in will become a kinder more loving place. Be a love creation station and always be gentle with your mind…that which is dying needs our respect, compassion, love and kindness…gently let it pass back into the ether and allow for the extinction of a mind dominated world to begin.

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