The Way

It is as if I am living between two worlds, as my focus shifts back and forth, on and off my centre point there is friction…just like any task the mental motor skill of staying focused on the moment burns up a lot of energy. The mind wanders, pushes and bullies to reclaim it’s status in my existence, but I continue to gently refocus and moments of presence are being cultivated more and more. I am living between to worlds now, the more I practice the further I travel away from a life of stimulation by external forces and my inner calling is beginning to lead me, less and less do I project mind created ideals out into the world, instead I let life take me by the gut and pull me…

If you practice anything practice focus. To focus every cell in your body into the present moment is the way forward, its the vehicle we all need to use to make the shift…we are all attention deficit, our mental focus is deteriorating at rapid rates…there is a pandemic in loss of attention…the earth is at boiling point and we are all looking away. Where is our attention when our world’s eco system is failing, there is war, death and starvation all around us. We are slaves to our false selves…the age of the ego must come to an end…we are all too self focused to really care about each other…this is the leap we must take to survive…our survival as a race depends on us waking up and paying attention!

Everyone can do this if we all pull together. We are responsible for our environment so lets take that seriously. We are responsible for our food and water supplies being clean and sustainable to meet the needs of all people as equals. Make it the focus of our everyday lives to contribute the end suffering on our planet. One by one we will find solutions. The world is where it is now, there is no going back to what our earth was before…the focus needs to be on how our new world can be…lets create a collective of people who can focus…the people of tomorrow need to be moulded in today’s world. Lets take that challenge on, heal our wounds through present moment awareness and allow our children to flourish free from the past…trust in their innate wisdom, they are our reminder of who we once were…they live in the moment effortlessly, it is us who teach them to identify with their mind and perpetuate the cycle we are all currently trapped in. The solution to this toxic energetic pollution is dilution…every moment spent in conscious awareness with your children is a step in reducing the impact onto the next generation and eventually we will come through this together. This is the type of survival mode we need to be in, this is where our strength lies when it comes to the evolution of consciousness.

We have left ourselves unattended for far too long and have become weak in our attention, we are collectively becoming a calamity to our own existence. Are we choosing this fate? Is that what is happening? Because if it is we need to change our minds without delay…where is the world at collectively, think about all of the people all over the world right now…what are they all doing, thinking and feeling? Some of them are hungry, cold and dying and some are joyous and playful but we are all sharing this moment together. So we are all equal in that respect, we are all sharing this space, so what do most of us do when we are sharing a space with others? Majority of us would act with kindness…so act with kindness in your heart with all whom cross your path. We do not have to give more of ourselves than our hearts and guts decree, just simple kindness is enough.

We are all travellers here trying to find our way, if we practice kindness and focus perhaps the way will reveal itself to us…there is no perfect future where we are all going to be saved, we need to save ourselves beginning now, roll up our sleeves and get down to work…each one of us focusing on all that is…focusing and listening to the barometer inside ourselves that shows us the way…inside your gut when you feel into your body often enough you can feel it guiding you, when you turn away from this feeling and instead listen to your ego you loose your centre, getting back into alignment and listening more closely is key, you must get back to centre after every attempt, no dwelling on mind created stories or judgements, the more you investigate this sense the more you begin to master it…even if the outward decision isn’t exactly what your mind wants, the gut feeling deep within you never leads you astray…trusting in each reading and following through brings you closer and closer into living an authentic life, because that is all anyone really needs…we need to strip ourselves back and enter silence and that’s where we find it…the magical sensation waiting dormant inside us that wants us to break free of our minds and find the way back home.

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